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March 2022



Reede ScholarS, INC. Annual Business meeting

Annual Symposium

May 5, 2022 - 1-4pm

13th Annual Health Equity Symposium -

Beyond Policing: Community, Violence and Health Equity


For decades the psychosocial impact of police shootings and extrajudicial killing of Black people has been studied, researched and talked about.  Children exposed to violent events in their homes, schools, and larger communities can lead to a wide range of transient or chronic discrete symptoms.   What is the role of the healthcare system to address, through prevention and intervention, the ill effects of police violence on the maturation of children?

Join us for a discussion on how health professionals and community leaders can better understand the long-term impact of acts of violence on children, and how we can support patients and communities suffering the after-effects of police violence.


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